WIPocalypse 2012

Sorry am late in getting this organised but unfortunately life has got in the way.

Hoping this all works, as i'm learning as i go, so please bear with me.

Am posting pics of pics as they were at the beginning of January 2011, hopefully if light is better tomorrow, i will take more of where i'm up to at the moment.  Most haven't changed since these were taken, a couple of others are just waiting finishing touches.

Bothy Threads, Ladies Who Lunch, Winter Warmers, 17.01.11

Dreams Come True, 17.01.11

Bothy Threads, Christmas Fairies, 17.01.11

Bothy Threads, A Dictionary Of Robins, 17.01.11

Cherished Teddies, Dutch Girl, 06.01.11

Chief Red Cloud, 17.01.11

Daffodils, 17.01.11

Earth Dancer, 17.01.11

Eeyore's Autumn Leaves, 06.01.11

Dream Catcher 06.01.11

Giraffe & Elephants, 17.01.11

Native American Wedding Blessing, 17.01.11

Northern Lights, 17.01.11

Royal White Tiger, 17.01.11

Well as promised some updated photo's of my WIP's

Dreams Come True


A Dictionary Of Robins

Ladies Who Lunch, Winter Warmers

Christmas Fairies
Still got some work to do on these and the others, but will get there slowly but surely.  Thanks for looking

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