Friday, 31 December 2010

15 Challenge

Hi Folks

I hope the actual stitching of the challenge is going to be easier than trying to work out what I'm going to stitch, so far i have the three kits that i won in a magazine give a way.  The snow tiger that i originally started in 2003 (had thought it was 2002, but discovered my error), a Native American Squaw, that was given to me by a neighbour, and the HAED freebie, cheetah.

I'm wondering if i could tweak the challenge a bit, as i need cards, bookmarks, coasters, key rings etc to stitch to hopefully sell at a craft fayre in October, so am thinking of having one of the stitching projects as a multi mini project, ie lots of the cover kits from magazines that I've got, some coaster sets etc.  They would really be too small to stand alone as a stitching project.  Would also like a couple to SAL's (to keep me focused on them) but as yet haven't found a SAL, that i like.  Not really into samplers at the moment, so if anybody can point me in the direction of some fairy/fantasy type SAL's please let me know.

Hopefully will try and up some photos tomorrow (online friends are warned i maybe asking questions lol) of what I've managed to sort out for the beginning of the challenge.

Have a great New Year's Eve, how ever you might be spending it.

Have a very stitchey 2011

take care


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  1. I'm doing part as cover kits etc. and them bigger ones. This isn't "thight" challenge and I think you can chose whatever you want ;) Happy stitching! Still 25 minutes to go!