Sunday, 9 January 2011

All The Frogs in Stitchdom Have

Been at my house today, so you should all be safe for a few hours.  I finally took what little courage i have in both hands and attached the aida to my scroll frame (think that's what it's called, the one where you tack the fabric to the rollers and then wind up) and started on Earthdancer, three rows of solid colour in, i had to frog back to the first row.

So i've not done much, just used the first metre of thread and called it a day, my right shoulder was hurting after just tacking on the fabric, working with the frame and stand seemed to make it worse, and i don't think i've got the tension right on the rollers, my fabric seems to keep going floppy where i'm stitching, Is this usual? Or have i done something not quite right.

Hope everybody else is enjoying their Crazy 15 Challenge, am not sure if i'll be able to make a start on something tomorrow, as Monday's are a bit of a funny day for stitching, but i will be doing some bobbin lacemaking at class tomorrow, maybe reverse stitching (same thing as frogging but without the rip it rip it) and then the evening spent at my daughter's where the light isn't really good enough for most cross stitching but will see what can do.

Now a question for those of you who do multiple crafts, do you find that occasionally you lose your mojo for one of them (or more),  I'm supposed to making some birthday cards but just can't face the craft room, daren't mention it to OH as i've just had some lovely pieces of equipment bought for Christmas, for those of you in the know, a Craft Robo Light and Spellbinders Grand Caliber, but just can't go and use them, just want to cross stitch, unfortunatel not organised enough to do a cross stitch one, got to deliver it tomorrow night, and if i tried to do one now (after spending 2 - 3 hours looking for something suitable, that i've got the stash for) i'd end up with too many mistakes and throwing it and the teddy in the bin lol.

Hopefully as the daylight hours get longer, i'll feel more like doing it, at the moment i just want to cozy up on the sofa with my stitching, haven't worked out how to do cardmaking or parchment craft on my knees lol.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday Evening/Monday Morning,

Will see you all later

Take care


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