Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Well It's Day 10 And I've Made A

Booboo lol.,

After finishing the cross stitching on the Lavender Lady yesterday, i sat thinking about which ones i'd got left to start, and came up with 6, but am only supposed to have 5, where had i gone wrong.

 Yep! you guessed it, i shouldn't have stitched the Lavender Lady, she wasn't one on my list as such, she was in the various smalls lol.  So as i said yesterday, today's been a funny day, i will have to start two tomorrow.  That'll be easy you all say, errr no.  I've now got to the stage where i'm either awaiting fabric, awaiting thread or in some cases both and thought i'd got two kits left, but no one kit and the other one turns out to be a chart only, and no thread or fabric for it.  So unless i get a fabric delivery tomorrow, i'll only be starting the Dreamcatcher, and will see what happens after that.

On a positive note, i did manage to start one tonight at my Daughter's, the last of the three Bothy Threads one, can't for the life of me remember what it's called, its a row of Mrs Santa's carrying loads of shopping.

Also today i did manage to make the birthday card for my Daughter's birthday, will put a pic up after she's seen it,  her birthday is on Thursday, so it will be after that.

 Off to order some fabric & thread (if finances have come through)

Take care


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