Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Day 11 and something else gone wrong lol

Hi All

No not really two posts in one day, i was a bit late posting last night, and by the time i'd finished typing and hit the post button it was gone midnight lol.

I've had a bit of a funny day, up early to go and get a bi-fold door for the kitchen/front room doorway to replace the door that Charlie ruined with separation anxiety after we lost Bruce and before we got Blu. When gkot back sat on sofa cuddling Charlie & Blu to keep them out of Daddy's way while he struggled to put it up.  That took a couple of hours, then i was talking in my groups, checking out blogs and another few hours passed, decided time to get started on today's start, which was the Dreamcatcher, only to find it wasn't a new start, it was a UFO.

Not only a UFO but it appears to be a UFO kit with some threads missing, check the kit to find out that they have used DMC colour numbers but the kit might contain other makes with colours similar to the DMC numbers lol, so i've done a few stitches to finish the patch that i'd started whenever.  Have DMC threads coming soon, so hopefully will be able to match up the missing colours.

Hey ho, isn't life as a stitcher exciting lol, this kit tho' is what i thought cross stitch was all about, aida, cross made with two strands of thread and backstitch done in one thread.

Tomorrow's start is also going to be a challenge if i want to stay on my list, i'm still waiting on fabric for one project (already got all the threads) fabric and threads for one, threads for one and hopefully only threads for another one, if i can find some aida that's suitable in my stash, would have liked to use evenweave but don't have any or the cash to get some, so will see what happens.

Have been bobbing around look at peoples blogs, trying to leave messages but not always successfully, but do admire all your work, and would like to thank you all for your inspiration and encouragement.

Take care


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  1. Hi Teejay ooo what a day you've had :( .... if all goes well, next week for a mouse house visit ??? then you can see some fabbie and hand dyes and silks etc :) love mouse xxxxx