Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Day 12

And not much better than yesterday unfortunately.
The fabbie i'm waiting for didn't arrive, so i couldn't start the white tiger, so i've had to change my list.

I went looking for one and managed to find a couple, but all the threads were missing, so went hunting and managed to find some loose threads, and wow one bundle seems to match up with the chart so am just about to start it.

It's another dreamcatcher, but it is long and thin, so am not sure whether i'm going to start in middle or top/bottom, there is not a lot of stitches in the centre as it is on the side of a dreamcatcher.  Not sure if i'm feeling confident enough with my counting to get it all in right place, and i really don't want the frogs back again lol.   I'm sure its somebody else's turn for them, surely lol.

Unless i get a delivery tomorrow i'm going to be stuck on what i start, because all my kits that i've left are Native American and i've now got 3 on the go in this challenge (nope i've said elsewhere on the web today that i'm a stitcher that can't count lol) no i haven't got 3 i've got 4, so i don't really want any more at the moment.

Well am now going to go and start 'Gather Your Dreams' and will see you all again, here tomorrow or maybe later elsewhere on the web.

Take care


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