Thursday, 13 January 2011

Day 13

Must first say Happy Birthday to my daughter, so i know where i was and what i was doing 29 years ago today lol.

Well the fabbie i've been waiting for finally arrived today while i was out at my Spanish class, visiting a friend and then shopping, so when i finally got back home, had my tea and went to look for my tablets, chemist had only given me OH's i thought they were all in the same bag, as they sometimes are, so had to go back to chemist.

Then i just HAD to work on my UFO for my group Friendly Stitchers, so that i don't get swished with the dreaded wet noodle. So i'm safe this week phewww!!

Hope everybody is still enjoying their challenges and not too stitched out with all the starts and changes in projects.

Take care


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