Saturday, 15 January 2011

Day 14 And I've Managed A Start

but i'm still behind, as i made a mistake when i stitched the Lavender Lady, so i need to do a new start to replace that one and didn't get one started yesterday :-(

I'm still waiting for my thread delivery, to start four projects, so hopefully that will arrive tomorrow, if not i'm going to be late completing this first part of the challenge, but i still want to stitch the 15 on my list, so i may be stitching more than 15 throughout the year in this challenge, besides others that i will be slipping in.

One of these will be the monthly SAL on Friendly Stitchers which has been designed by one of the Mods, thanks Val.

It's my parent's 55th Wedding Anniversary this year (in March) and I've not made up my mind whether to do a cross stitch picture or a parchment one.  Which ever it is it's got to incorporate emerald green, as 55 is emerald, so am trying to think how/what to do.

It's late here tonight, so gonna say ta ta and see you all again tomorrow.

Take care


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