Saturday, 15 January 2011

Well Today Should Be The Last Day

but i'm behind with my starts.

Finally the threads that i've been waiting for arrived today, so i spent a few hours sorting and listing over 480 threads, due the time i spent listing and sorting i was also having to break off and give some attention to my baby furbaby as he was at the Vet's yesterday for the chop (had to have him done as part of the adoption procedure, he was a 16 week old rescue) and he can't understand why he can't play and bounce around like he's used to, why Daddy wont play tug with him, why he has to have the lampshade on his head lol.  So he's become a bit of a pain lol, wanting attention and cuddles and my cups of tea lol.  Still wouldn't swop him for the world.

So by the time all this was sorted, and i'd found out that a piece of evenweave i wanted for the MSAL, isn't one piece but about 7 lol, (if it was one it would have been big enough), so that was a bit of a blow, but am hoping that months ago i bought a piece of evenweave that i have put in a very safe place, i did buy and will be able to find, i was too tired to start anything new today.  I'm going to do a bit more on yesterday's start as i didn't get much done, and wind some bobbins ready for starting 4 projects tomorrow.

Hope everybody else is still on track for all/any of the challenges they may be doing.  I'm also hoping to get some photos taken of all my starts tomorrow evening, not sure how good they will be but they will be records of the starts.

Take care


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  1. awww poor little thing :( hope he feels better soon xx and can't wait to see photo's and phew that was an awful lot of threads girl :) love mouse xxxx