Sunday, 16 January 2011

Well I've Finally Done It

Have just finished my last start of the day and the last start of the 15 Challenge, that's why not photo's today, will get them took in the morning, for posting tomorrow night.

Well it's been a very mixed bag today, i've stitched with 2 threads one over one on 25ct lugana, 2 threads two over two on 28ct evenweave, then 2 threads on 16ct aida, and finally but not in any particular order 2 threads on 14 ct aida, so my eyes have had plenty of excersize (sp) with the different sizes.

Blu decided that if he couldn't play tug with Daddy, Mummy couldn't cross stitch lol, so that was one reason it took me so long to get the 4 started today, besides the prep that had to do with charts etc.

Now i just have to work out how to work on them all to get them all finished by 31 December 2011 lol.  Wonder how others on the Crazy Challenge will be working on theirs, will be checking round their blogs to see.

Well am of to bed so,

enjoy what you're stitching and thank you all for your continued inspiration.

take care



  1. Hi Teejay .. oooo well done that's the first part done on to the next finishing heheh ... don't panic I shall be here all the way ;)love mouse xxxx

  2. I havn't figured out which order or how I'm going to get my 15 finished in time yet either.