Monday, 17 January 2011

Just A Quick Update

Before you start reading this, i suggest a big mug of something nice, warm and comforting, maybe a couple of choccie biscuits or whatever takes your fancy, as it has turned out to be a very long post.

Well today i've been working on the Bothy Threads, Christmas Fairies.  Started it last Monday while visiting my daughter and grandaughter.  Although she is only 3 she is taking a bit of an interest in what nannan is doing with the cross stitch.  Others i've either started or worked on while there, she has never seen completed, so thought this time, will do this one every Monday so that she can see it progress.

Unfortunately tonight i forgot to take my prescription craft glasses so had to try and manage with my prescription everyday glass which are photochromatic so are not as clear as craft glasses, and as mentioned previously the light is not really good enough for cross stitching.  But i've done a bit, unfortunately no pics of progress at the moment.

I am actually writing this blog while at said daughter's, watching 'One Born Every Minute'.  Am hopefully (still not that confident with this bit lol) going to post the photo's i took earlier of the starts that i've not posted earlier and progress on my UFO, for Friendly Stitchers. Also going to repost the others starts so that you can see them all in one post,

1) Bothy Threads, A Dictionary Of Robins, 14ct Aida, White
2) Bothy Threads, Ladies Who Lunch, Winter Warmer, 14ct Aida, White Glitter

3) Bothy Threads, Row Of Christmas Fairies, 16ct Aida, Light Blue

4) Royal White Tiger, 28ct Brittany, Ice Blue

5) First Of The Smalls, Free Cover Card Kit

6) Chief Red Cloud, 14ct Aida, White

7) 9802, Dreamcatcher, 14ct Aida

8) Butternut Road, Earthdancer, 14 ct Aida, Light Brown

9) Eeyore's Autumn Leaves

10) Giraffes & Elephants, 16ct Aida, Ecru

11) Daffodils

12) Cherished Teddies, Dutch Girl

13) Northern Lights, 14ct Aida, Black

14) HAED Freebie, Legacy Empress, 1 over 1 on 25ct Lugana,White

15) Apache Marriage Blessing

16) 9443, Dreams Come True

And last but not least my UFO, that i can't remember where i got it from, when i started it or why lol.

, Tiger Cub

As I think i've mentioned before i'm a counted cross stitch stitcher who can't count lol, i seem to have 16 starts, but never mind, it's a round number and i have another project to start on evenweave, Christmas Green, so just got to work out what colours i have in variegated that will go, so that i can match the plain up and then i can start (but as it's me, i have to find the very safe place that i've put my variegated threads lol.

Sorry it's been a long one, thanks to all who read and comment.

Take care


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