Tuesday, 18 January 2011

So Much To Stitch

But not enough time lol, just think about it we're nearer the end of January than the beginning, where is time going lol.

Well not done a lot of stitching today, first i had to go and have a new patient check over at the Drs, really lost faith in the last lot, this practice seems to have a lot more going so i hope they have bedside manners lol.

Then after that it was round the corner to a friend's to take her to well, yesterday's phone call was for Ikea at Manchester (her husband, like mine wont drive certain places or should i say will only drive to a very few places, still never mind more time out and about for the two of us, usually involves some sort of shopping, usually craft) but when i got there what she wanted, was according to the website, back in at Leeds, so we decided to go to Manchester via Leeds.  They had them in Leeds so we didn't get to Manchester, but then i spent a couple of hours at hers and it was getting on by the time i got home to find out that i need to go to corner shop.  So after that little walk and having tea i wasn't quite in the mood for a lot of stitching.

So i went to my stitching box and then, horror of horrors, couldn't decide what to stitch.  Managed to narrow it done to doing a kit (all threads in bag) as opposed to doing something from a chart, as threads are in boxes.  But which kit, picked up the daffodils but just as i was about to start thought better of it as there are a lot of greens of very similar shade, and that was too much like hard work, even though i do have a daylight lamp.  So finally decided to stitch on the 'Ladies Who Lunch'.  So got a few more colours in there.

Then husband pipes up with 'suppose you want to take pics of that now', to which i replied (quite calmly) not at the moment, which got the response 'i'm gonna start charging you' lol.  Coz i have to use his phone, as the camera isn't working and i can't find the stuff required to get photo's off my phone onto the computer lol.  I was going to get a new phone, but decided threads were of more use to me and therefore, more important lol.  Maybe next month i'll get a new phone lol.

I think the idea tomorrow afternoon, is tea, stash fondling and maybe even some stitching as i've been invited to the Mouse House, to meet mouse and Gillie.  But at the moment my intentions are to do some stitching tomorrow night, i might even be showing/helping with husband's cousin if she decides to come over.

Well no pics tonight,

so will say goodnight

take care

happy stitching and enjoy what you're doing (or put it away till later)


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  1. Sounds like you had a busy day, have fun with Mouse and Gillie.