Wednesday, 19 January 2011

What A Lovely Afternoon

(i'll start again as i've just managed to delete all i'd just typed lol)

at the Mouse House, where i met mouse and Gillie, two of the Mods on the brilliant group Friendly Stitchers.  It was a very informative, fun and an exciting afternoon.  Many thanks to Mouse, who gallantly reverse stitched my HAED Legacy Empress, which i'd managed to make a hash of, and equal thanks to Gillie for overlocking/serging my fabric for me. Thanks girls.

The outcome of which, in a unanimous decision is that this project is a little (or maybe way too) advanced for me at the moment.  So i've put it away for now.  I knew that there was a reason why i started 16 projects for the Crazy 15 Challenge lol.

Since i've got back home i've done some more stitching on the 'Ladies Who Lunch, Winter Warmer', really enjoying it, but will move on to something else tomorrow.  Have decided to put progress pics up every Sunday.  Then you wont all get bored, and hopefully that way there will be enough progress to show up.

Well as some of you will know, tomorrow on Friendly Stitchers its UFO day, so will be working on the tiger cub as well as a 15 project.  What will you be working on?

Take care all



  1. glad you had a fun afternoon.

  2. It was lovely to meet you, TeeJay, and well done for that decision!

  3. They are both lovely ladies aren't they TeeJay - now you must start and save up and come meet the rest of us in Harrogate in November !!...