Thursday, 20 January 2011

UFO Day At Friendly Stitchers

So i stitched on the tiger cub, but am not happy with it, will be glad when it's finished, like the subject just not the stitching of it.  It did cross my mind to put it away and find something else, but then realised i'd never get it out again, so i'll plod on with it.

It's the colours all shades of dark grey, and a few browns, and as yet i can't 'see' the picture building up. Will post progress photos on Sunday.

After a couple of hours on the Friendly Stitchers UFO i thought i'd picked one with colours in, only to find i was still working on 16ct cream aida, with white thread, so i still couldn't 'see' what i was doing, but then moved on to light blue, followed by bright red and now i'm back to white.

I did wonder how everybody else decided how to stitch their projects, when one thread of colour runs out, do you reach for another length of the same colour, change colour or put it away for the day?

You know me always asking questions, well i 'm going back to the Dutch Girl Teddy.

Take care


Enjoy what you're stitching (or put it away for another day)


  1. Hi Teejay! Please join in :) I haven't started my HAED yet, need to print it somewhere...But I have made mind, I'm gonna start Sanctuary of Knowloedge!

  2. Well done on carrying on :) look forward to seeing your pics when you put them up :)

    With regards to colours when stiching I usually stick to the same colour at one time unless its one big patch or white thread on white aida then I'll usually try and mix it up and switch btw colours so I don't get bored xxx