Friday, 7 January 2011

Well Day 7 Arrived With Snow

Hi Gang

Well at last i've caught up on my starts for the 15 Challenge, and managed to do some stitching yesterday on my UFO, so that i didn't get swished with the Wet Noodle over on Friendly Stitchers.

Today i started on the Daffodils and Bothy Threads - A Dictionary Of Robins

No pictures of the starts, will try and take them tomorrow, during whatever passes for daylight.

Was going to start Earthdancer, got it out of the packet, but due to the flu coming back, its gone back into the packet, hopefully will start her tomorrow, but will have to do it on frame and stand because its a bit big.  Not a fan of using the stand, as find it awkward twisting the frame over to change threads, but like a few other things i'm learning and possibly mastering on this challenge, no doubt i'll find a way around it.  Think it will come down to changing the end of the sofa i sit on, but then where will i put my table with my tea and bits on lol.

Take care


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  1. look forward to the photo's and oooo rearranging the furniture to get the best stitching position is fun and small fold away tables are pretty useful for cuppa's etc ;) .. look forward to the visit too :) love mouse xxx