Thursday, 6 January 2011

Day 6 Of The 15 Challenge

Hi folks

Well i thought i'd caught up with my starts but after some (not very good) photos, i find i'm still one down so will do starts tomorrow.

Now for the fun bit, am going to try and put the photo's up, so if at the end of this post there aren't any please come back when i should have calmed down ready for another try lol.  All this new stuff i've been learning this year is overwhelming lol.

 Here goes this is the first start that i managed to do while not feeling to well, with the flu its one of the many smalls that i've got going as one project. I only managed about a dozen stitches


Yesterday i mangaged to start two, Eeyore's Autumn Leaves

And also, Cherished Teddies, Dutch Girl

And today's starts are Janlynn - Northern Lights

Must get some decent pics next time this is on black fabric, supposed to 14ct aida, but looks a lot smaller ands so do the crosses, but i've never done single strand cross stitch or even 3 strand cross stitch and that's all this kit works in. Something new.

And my last start so far Bothy Threads - Ladies Who Lunch, Winter Warmer, done on 14ct sparkley aida, which looks a lot bigger than the above.

Well that's my starts so far, not sure which two i'll be doing tomorrow, possibly another Bothy Thread or The Dreamcatcher.

Hope everybody is enjoying themselves with whatever they are stitching, be it in challenges or not.

Take care


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  1. ooo well done teejay and you have pics:) keep up the good work :) if you need help don't forget to i'm near by heheheh love mouse xxxx