Friday, 6 January 2012

First Posting Of 2012

Hi all

Sorry this if this blog is looking a bit messy, am trying to get some information on here that i should have put up a while ago, but heyho that's me at the minute, better late than never.

I know i've been promising photo's for a while, well that's my next 'job' but will definitely not be today, have some more info to add, then it will be teatime, then off to friend's (where hopefully i'll get some stitching done, not done any today) for the evening.

I've posted information on WIPocalypse (never know how to spell that lol), Crazy January Challenge 2012 and the TUSAL 2012.

Over the coming weeks, alright as you all know me, months i maybe shouting for some help coz i'm thinking after looking around at all YOUR blogs that it needs livening up a bit, well a change anyway its been like this now for 12 mths.

Somewhere over the last few days i've seen a weightloss ticker on someone's blog (on blogger) where i copied the link, have been and created one but can't paste it back in blogger keeps telling me that it has illegal elements/code or something like that.  If you have this ticker or know how to get it on here please will you message me.  I'm so sorry i can't remember which one, but i got sent to your blog from either Crazy January Challenge Group or Friendly Stitchers Group (and if i could remember how to put it so that you could click on the names and then go i would have done.

Well i'm off to cook my jacket spuds am on a Filling & Healthy Day today, and this morning's first weigh in for 2012 (and the last one was 16 Dec 2011) i've put on 1lb, so i'm pretty pleased lol.  Hope all who are on a get healthy/losing weight regime have had the results they were expecting after Christmas Break and get the results they want this year.

Am going now, coz i've just found something that has to be done before i get up and go in the kitchen, a craft mag has arrived and it more than likely is a cross stitch one, if not it's Craft Seller, still needs a browse through before i move.

Take care all and may you all have a better 2012 than they did 2011

Teejay x


  1. 1lb over Christas is very good. I haven't had the courage to get on the scales yet. I thought I was being good and didn't buy any chocolate but was given so much chocolate that I still have a big pile staring at me.

  2. Here are a couple of weight loss ticker links, Teejay:

    To put them into your blog, go to your Design Layout, select ADD A GADGET, then select HTML/JAVASCRIPT and past in the HTML code. Move the gadget into place and save the layout.

    You'll see the ticker on your sidebar.

  3. Thanks Joysze, it was when i was trying to paste the html thingy that blogger gave me a big problem but will definitely check out those sites.

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