Thursday, 19 April 2012

Better Late Than Never

Hi all

Have finally managed to squeeze some time in to update the blog a bit.

Finally found out how to add pages yeah.

So have posted some old photos of where i'm starting most of the WIPocalypse 2012, need to get some more pictures taken tomorrow for the updates.  Most haven't changed, haven't even come out of the box since the dates i've put on the photo's, but am determined to find time to do some stitching on them, as well as on new starts.

Am thinking about having two rotations running, one with WIP's and one with new starts. Over the weekend i'm looking to start the Joan Elliot, Cinderella that was in a magazine at the beginning of the year, just can't remember which one, but sure i listed it in my 2012 Crazy Challenge Starts, but had to drop out of the challenge, so none of them have been started.

Am also trying to get the stash organised for the Papillon 2012 SAL, Around The World In 80 Stitches, and also Papillon SAL 2010 Castles In The Air. A future (how far in the future, i don't know) is a Chatelaine, Fairy Tale Castle, so once i have the chart will be looking to get that kitted up.

Some pics of what i have been working on this year.

A Card For A Friend's Birthday

A Biscornu I Stitched For An Exchange on Friendly Stitchers

A Biscornu I Stitched For An Exchange On UK Cross Stitch

A Biscornu I Received In The UK Cross Stitch Exchange

Dawn Of Spring SAL on Friendly Stitchers

Joan Elliot, Petite Christmas Angel with Wreath,  stitching  (a bit late) for Polstitchers SAL

Well that's it for now, will take some updated photos tomorrow (light permitting) and get them posted asap.
Got my blogging mojo back, so watch this space


  1. You have some wonderful projects going on. If you find out which magazine Cinderella was in, could you please post this? Like I don't need any more stash:-)

  2. ohhh well done on all your stitching :)I recognise one or two things on there
    mmmmm can't think which magazine but will let you know if I find it .... love mouse xxxxx

  3. What lovely biscornus! And your progress is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

    Melissa J.

  4. Cinderella is in Cross Stitch Gold Issue 90, but comes under the heading Fairytale Princess

    thanks for all your comments x

  5. Lovely work Teejay .... Val x

  6. Nice work Teejay. Love the biscornus. Haven't done one for ages.

    Kay x

  7. Lovely card and oh i so miss doing biscornu's, Yours looking great. Thinking of it, it seems like i don't know where to start on finishing one anymore...The Angel is coming along beautifully!